Dinova Rusev & Partners Law Office

is a full service law firm, established in 2003. The team has over 20 fee-earners offering services in Banking & Finance, M&A, Corporate, Commercial Competition, Employment, Immigration law, Dispute resolution, Energy, Environmental and Real Estate law.


Expertise and attention to detail characterise DRP’s Energy practice most appropriately. Itis recognized for its extensive experience and track record of some of the leading and most innovative transactions to have taken place in Bulgaria both in relation to producers and consumers of electricity. Dinova Rusev & Partners has extensive experience in advising on the implementation of EU legislation governing Energy and actively works with regulatorsand the government on new pieces of legislation in the energy field.


The energy team lead by Iliya Grozdanov is proud to be one of the few in Bulgaria with exceptionally high technical understanding of the issues of energy law. The DRP energy team has been on the edge of development of the renewables sector in the country and helped foster investments in this field over the years acting for the first large wind power plant in Bulgaria.


The team has expertise in all fields of energy law but is recognized as one of the top expert teams on balancing grid issues, consumer supply structures and regulatory issues of renewable energy. It also has extensive expertise in energy and environmental litigation with solid track record of complex cases on regulatory issues, contractual disputes, environmental issues and international litigation.










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