Becker Büttner Held

is the leading energy and infrastructure law firm in Germany. With more than 30 partners and a dedicated staff of almost 350 employees in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, and from 2011 Brussels, it is proud of its contribution to creating a sustainable future.

Since the 1990s, Becker Büttner Held has made a significant contribution to the liberalisation of the German and European energy markets, from shaping European directives and national laws to bringing about fundamental decisions, for example on grid access, as well as conceptual work like the development of power exchanges and innovative municipal cooperation.

Becker Büttner Held’s clients include companies which are active in all areas of the energy industry in Germany and internationally as well as companies which are closely linked to the energy sector.

At the core of the firm’s client base are German and European energy suppliers, energy trading companies, power plant operators (including natural gas, wind, bio-mass, photovoltaics and geothermal energy), projecting and financing entities of power plant projects, banks, as well as companies, airports and industrial areas representing large consumers of energy and company grids.

The firm advises its clients on all issues in the energy sector, the designing and drafting of contracts and on any other documents or disputes that may arise.

Other key aspects of the firm’s activities include media and copyright law, tax consultancy and auditing, civil and commercial law as well as all fields of public law.

The firm actively engages in cross-border activities as Europe grows together. As an initiator and member of AEEC, Becker Büttner Held is an integral part of a large network of energy consultants across Europe.

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